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Q:What are Tarot Cards?

A: They are a deck of 78 cards illustrated with symbolic drawings. They are usually divided into two arcana (or mysteries): 56 minor arcana cards and 22 major arcana cards. The major arcana depict mysteries which are deep and complex;a major arcana card in a reading usually heralds something of great significance in the querent's (the person being read) life. The minor arcana represent the less complex and simpler aspects of life.

Q: How long has Tarot been around?

A: Although there are different theories about when Tarot cards were created, most historians believe that they've been around since the 13th century and were used as a card game in 15th century Italy. In the 18th century, occult scholars began using the Tarot as a tool for divination and spiritual growth. Today there are literally thousands of different decks from which to choose.

Q: How does the Tarot work?

A: I believe that the person who is having the reading draws to him /herself, on an unconscious level, the card(s) with the information or answers which are needed. During an in-person reading, I ask the client to shuffle the cards and to focus on their concerns while doing so. This allows an exchange of energy between the client and the cards.

Q:Which is the best Tarot deck?

A: There is no "best" deck! The Universal Waite is my favorite, but there are many beautiful decks to choose from. Deciding which deck to use is a personal decision and no deck is better or worse than another. When shopping for a deck, I suggest choosing the one you are drawn to, whichever one "speaks" to you. Many people have a variety of decks and use the one they're in the mood for at different times. Go with your intuition and have fun!

Q:How do you read the Tarot cards?

A: Each card has a meaning or significance depending on the images or symbols pictured on it, whether it is major or minor arcana, the number, and whether it is a court card (i.e. Page, Knight, Queen, King). The meaning of a card is also affected by the cards which come before or after it, and on it's position in the spread. Reading the Tarot cards is very much like telling a story. Intuition plays an important role as well, and our inner voice should be listened to and trusted.

Q: how do I ask a question of the Tarot cards?

A: It is better to not ask a "yes or no" question, unless a quick one card reading is being done. It is more productive to ask "What do I need to focus on in order to find a job?" rather than "Will I get a job?". The first way of approaching it allows for more information and insight and implies that the person asking the question has power over the situation and is not sitting around idly waiting for the right job to find him/ her. There may be aspects of a job search which have been neglected or steps to be taken which have not been considered, or a different approach may be needed.


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