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Patty is available for in-person readings in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts and by telephone. She also offers classes and on-going New Moon and Full Moon Circles in southern Vermont.

She is also available for readings at gatherings, parties and
retreats. Call or email her for more info and fees.

You may pay with a credit card via PAYPAL by clicking on the "BUY NOW " button, after you have made your reading selection.

Telephone Readings


Natal Reading

An in-depth look at your natal chart. I will explain basic astrology and explore with you your strengths, challenges, motivations, and life lessons. Includes a forecast for the year ahead.

One hour - $75.00

One and 1/2 hours - $110.00

Relationship Reading

Compares your chart with that of another ( family member, spouse, lover, friend, business associate ). Discover the hidden dynamics at work in your relationship.

One hour - $85.00

Updates & Transits

How the current planetary movements ( transits ) are impacting your natal chart, activating specific areas of your life. Make clearer decisions and understand the cycles of your life.

One half hour - $40.00

One hour - $70.00

All astrology readings are done by telephone. Your chart(s) and tape of the reading are mailed to you. The cost of the tape, postal fees, and the cost of the long distance call are all included in the fee for the reading, except for calls outside the U.S. Fees may be slightly higher for outside the US.


Tarot readings can be done by telephone or by e-mail. Tarot readings by phone are:

Fifteen (15) minutes; $20.00

One half hour: $40.00

One hour: $70.00

1 1/2 hours: $100.00

E-mail readings

Three card spread: $25.00

Seven card spread: $50.00

The cost of the long distance phone call is included in all Tarot telephone readings. A tape of the reading will be mailed to you; the cost of the postage and the tape is also included.

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