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The Mountain Astrologer
Website of the Mountain Astrologer Magazine. Lots of great articles.

Many articles about news and current events as seen from an
astrological point of view.


Website of Joan Bunning, with many tips and a curriculum
for learning tarot.


Lois Rodden's comprehensive collection of charts of well known
people, from actors to murderers to politicians to artists. Charts and
interpretations are included.

The Hungersite.com
This site has nothing to do with astrology or tarot, but one click daily can send food to hungry people all over the world.

The Only Way to Learn Astrology - Vol. 1
by Marion March & Joan McEvers

A very good book for beginners. Explains basic principles of astrology simply, clearly, and directly.

The Moon in Your Life
by Donna Cunningham, MSW

An in-depth look at the moon and how it affects your emotions, your needs and your "mother issues". This book can be enjoyed by novices and experienced astrologers alike.

Astrology: A Cosmic Science
by Isabel Hickey

A look at astrology from a spiritual/karmic perspective.

Aspects in Astrology
by Sue Tompkins

This is the best book I've read on aspects between planets. It is thorough, deep, and covers all the possibilities.

Planets in Transit
by Robert Hand

The definitive book on transits. Well written, comprehensive and thoughtful. Simply the best.

Learning the Tarot

by Joan Bunning

An excellent book for beginners. Includes many helpful exercises. Written in a friendly, down-to-earth style.

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