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Q: What is astrology?

A: Astrology is the study of the relationship between the positions of
the planets and events on earth, as well as the correlation between
planetary positions, human behavior, and personality.

Q: What is a natal or astrological chart or horoscope?

A: A chart (or horoscope) is basically a "snapshot" of your moment of
birth. Astrologers believe that we reflect the planetary energies of
that moment in time, and that within each of us are the particular
qualities present at that moment: As above, so below.
Your natal chart is unique; no one else's is quite like it! Charts can
also be calculated for events such as weddings, the opening of a
business, etc.

Q: What does my chart show?

A: Your natal chart reveals a wealth of information about your personality,
temperament, early environment, strengths, challenges, gifts,
blockages, motivations, personal issues, and life lessons.

Q: Why should I have an astrology reading, or "what's in it for me"?

A: A reading can give you a lot of insight into your inner self, and
can show which areas of your life need focus or work. It can be
liberating to realize that behavior patterns which have caused
difficulty are often due to planetary configurations in the natal chart
which, with AWARENESS, can be channeled into more productive
modes of expression. Astrology can also indicate which times are
best for beginning new projects or ventures. Also times of confusion,
upheaval, and depression are usually shown by transit cycles to the
natal chart, so it is possible to know how long such periods will last.
Timing is everything!

Q: What about free will?

A: We all have free will. It is important to remember that each planet
and zodiac sign have positive and negative energies. The way
we express or utilize a particular energy is up to us and depends on
how balanced and evolved we are. Remember, it is a wise one who
rules the stars and a fool who is ruled by them.

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