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I have been interested in astrology and things metaphysical since childhood. In 1994, the right teacher entered my life and I studied astrology with her for three years. My love for astrology intensified as my knowledge increased. I found it amazing how much insight I was able to gain into my own psyche through my natal chart and became fascinated with the idea of exploring the inner worlds of other people as well.

I started out, as do most astrologers, by reading the charts of family, friends and coworkers. (It would be more accurate to say, in my eagerness and enthusiasm, that I devoured them!) I have been reading astrological charts professionally since 1997. There are many areas of specialization in astrology: psychological, spiritual, medical, business/stock market, mundane (the study of how world events are impacted by astrology), weather patterns and forecasting, and horary, to name a few.

My focus is on the psychological and the spiritual. I am most interested in interpreting the natal charts of people and exploring how planetary patterns reveal psychological/spiritual themes, issues, gifts and challenges. My background is in social work and counseling.

I am a licensed social worker (LSW) with over 17 years of experience working with individuals, couples, families and groups. My counseling skills have turned out to be a great asset in my readings. I also find the natal chart to be a wonderful tool for stimulating spiritual growth. I believe that each of us incarnates with particular lessons to be learned in each lifetime (which we choose on a soul level) and that our natal chart offers many clues to the nature of these life lessons.

I also read and interpret Tarot cards, which I have been doing professionally since 2000. Rather than focusing on “yes or no” questions, i.e.-will I marry Bob, get the new job, etc., I offer multi-layered insights into your concerns, so that you can perhaps learn something about what your deeper needs might be in your relationship(s) or if that prospective job is really in sync with where you are on your life-path. My style is relaxed and interactive, my approach positive and nonjudgmental. My goal is to empower you to make wise decisions, gain insight into yourself and what is happening in your life.

I won’t tell you what you should do but I can help you to look at the energies at work in your life so that you can be aware of all your options and the possible outcomes. I strongly believe that each of us knows on an intuitive or “gut” level what we need to do (or not) at different times in our lives. So, my role as an astrologer or tarot reader is to act as a guide as together we explore your inner terrain and perhaps offer some suggestions on how you can better understand the signs along the way, helping you to determine which direction you need to move in and encouraging you to listen to your best advisor: your own inner voice.

Once we understand why we behave or react in a particular way we can work to change or modify our actions and responses. We all have the power within to shape our own destinies. Astrology and the tarot offer powerful and beautiful openings through which we can glimpse our true essence.

In 1986 my family and I moved from Boston to southern Vermont, where I still make my home with my husband and our very pampered cats. We have a grown daughter and three grandchildren. I am a current member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), the American Federation of Astrologers and the American Tarot Association.

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